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OPINION: Fort Collins Coloradoan: On the farm, labor shortages prompt call for immigration reform


When you turn on the TV at night and hear newscasters discuss immigration policy, rural Coloradans are not usually part of the conversation. But as a third-generation Colorado farmer, I can tell you that our country’s immigration policies are having a profoundly negative effect on farmers and ranchers throughout our state.
I am the owner of Petrocco Farms in Brighton — 2,600 acres of farmland in Northern Colorado. If you’re buying onions, cabbages, lettuce, peppers or green beans from your local grocer during growing season, there is a good chance it came from my farm.
How does

Aspen Daily News: Push by hotel general manager for immigration reform bearing fruit


After years of advocating for immigration reform, in the face of federal inaction, Aspen Chamber Resort Association (ACRA) chair emeritus Warren Klug is hopeful legislation is on the way.
President Obama’s aides have signaled that comprehensive immigration reform is a top priority of his second term, likely to be rolled out after the so-called “fiscal cliff” negotiations conclude and a new gun control initiative.
While Klug’s efforts on behalf of resort employers seemed futile for much of his time lobbying legislators, after the November election, it appears Republicans and

EDITORIAL: Pueblo Chieftain: The compact


A BIPARTISAN push to encourage a rational national immigration policy has been launched in Colorado.
Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet and former Republican Sen. Hank Brown are leading the Colorado Compact, which has six components, the result of meetings across the state meant to promote a civil conversation in Colorado that can lead to real and lasting reforms at the federal level.
Said Sen. Bennet recently, “We now have the benefit of Colorado’s voice to inform the work of the new Congress.

EDITORIAL: Greeley Tribune: Colorado Compact represents an important first step


There once was a time when we might not have taken much notice of a meeting that featured a group of politicians who did nothing more than talk. It would have taken substantive action to catch our eye.
Or, if we had noticed, we certainly wouldn't have written a glowing editorial about it. We would simply have filed it away under the heading of "things politicians do," and awaited the results.
That said, in the case of the Colorado Compact -- a broad bipartisan push for immigration reform -- we have taken notice, and we are fully supportive.

EDITORIAL: Colorado Springs Gazette: Politicians embrace immigration compact


Immigrants built this country into the envy of the world. Future immigrants and their offspring may save us from economic despair. If there is one public policy topic on which left and right should find abundant common ground, it’s immigration.
On the right, conservative legend Ronald Reagan was an unapologetic proponent of more immigration. He referred to anti-immigration hysteria as “the illegal alien fuss.”
“Are great numbers of our unemployed really victims of the illegal alien invasion, or are those illegal tourists actually doing work our own people won’t do?

Colorado Biz Magazine: Immigration: A sensible approach to a complex issue


By Kelly Brough
Last month, the Denver Metro Chamber’s Board of Directors voted unanimously to adopt a resolution adopting the Colorado Compact, which is an effort originating from U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet to promote a responsible conversation on immigration in Colorado that will foster meaningful federal reform. This adopting resolution expresses our belief that immigration policies must be addressed at the federal level and the policy must be guided by the economic needs of our region and country.
The Chamber’s vision to ensure Colorado’s economic vitality and quality of life

Greeley Tribune: Colo. Compact welcomed by ag community; Salazar: ‘serious discussions’ in DC could take place early in 2013


By Eric Brown
A recent widespread push in Colorado for immigration reform has been welcomed with open arms from a $1.5-billion agriculture industry in Weld County that’s battled existing regulations as much as or more than any other.
Earlier this month, a diverse and bipartisan group revealed the “Colorado Compact” — an effort spearheaded by Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., aimed at getting the ball rolling on discussions for federal immigration reform.
Colorado — with an estimated 1800,000 undocumented immigrants — is now the fourth state to put forth such a document.

Voz de América: Piden reforma migratoria en Colorado


Más de un centenar de líderes políticos demócratas y republicanos, religiosos, representantes de instituciones y empresarios del estado de Colorado suscribieron y enviaron a Washington una carta que urge al gobierno de EE.UU. a que implemente una reforma de inmigración.
La misiva, denominada Acuerdo de Colorado, fue dada a conocer en un acto efectuado en la Universidad de Denver presidido por el gobernador del estado, John Hickenlooper. Iniciativas similares han sido adoptadas también en Utah, Iowa e Indiana.
Entre las propuestas del acuerdo figuran la necesidad de modificar el

Martí News: Demócratas y republicanos intensifican su campaña para una reforma migratoria


Polticos demócratas y republicanos anunciaron hoy la intensificación de una campaña conjunta a favor de una reforma migratoria integral en el primer semestre de 2013, con prioridad en la economía, la seguridad y la unidad de las familias.
"Hace casi 18 meses comenzamos en Colorado a dibujar el mapa de un nuevo camino en cuanto a inmigración, alejado de la retórica extrema que atrapó a la conversación nacional", dijo en rueda de prensa el senador demócrata por Colorado Michael Bennet, uno de los líderes de la nueva alianza que impulsa la aprobación de la reforma.

Colorado Springs Gazette: Colorado Springs leaders sign immigration reform compact


By J Schroyer
A bipartisan political declaration on immigration reform, which aims at pressuring the federal government to pass new immigration legislation, was released Sunday called the “Colorado Compact,” and at least eight of the signatories are prominent Colorado Springs figures.
The compact also includes stances on immigration reform’s relationship to national security, the economy, family and effective law enforcement. The effort was spearheaded by Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet and Republican former U.S. Sen. Hank Brown.
The document was signed by dozens of