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The Colorado Compact is an effort to bring Coloradans together for a civil conversation about immigration and the need for real and lasting federal reform.

We are everyday Colorado citizens, small business owners, farmers, ranchers, faith groups, law enforcement agencies, and immigration advocates who all believe our current immigration system is broken, and we are capable of fixing it.

With the guiding bipartisan leadership of Senator Michael Bennet, a Democrat, and former Senator Hank Brown, a Republican, we have come together over the last year to craft a comprehensive approach to immigration policy.

What we have produced – the Colorado Compact – is a reasonable and common-sense approach to immigration policy that can result in real and lasting federal reform by providing guiding principles and an example for civil discourse in Washington. It will encourage federal legislators to deal with this issue in a fair and responsible manner.

While Washington has played politics with the immigration issue, we understand this problem will not be solved by slogans and bumper stickers. We need to overcome the harsh and overblown rhetoric that has dominated the immigration discussion nationally and facilitate an honest, rational conversation about how we fix the broken immigration system.

Inaction will continue to be a drag on our economy, strain families, and place undue burden on law enforcement.

There is far more common ground among the various voices in the immigration debate than pundits would like us to believe. We should no longer accept lawmakers who say that immigration is a third-rail issue or too complex to tackle. It’s not, and the Colorado Compact is proof.

This compact is no panacea and some tough conversations still lay ahead, but we believe it is valuable to start with a set of shared principles. If we can do this in a state like Colorado, with one-third republicans, one-third democrats, and one-third independents, Washington can as well.

We invite you to read the Colorado Compact and become a citizen co-signer if you agree with the principles and want to bring a little Colorado commonsense to Washington.