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ABC | Univision: Colorado Senator Announces Immigration Agreement


Dec. 10, 2012

A dairy farmer, a bishop and a Latino rights advocate all signed a compact. It sounds like the start to a bad joke, but it's actually an attempt in one of the nation's most compelling swing states to recognize the importance of immigration reform.

Following a year and a half of about 200 meetings and planning sessions, Senator Michael Bennet (D-Colorado) and former Senator Hank Brown (R-Colorado) unveiled what they are calling the Colorado Compact on Sunday at the University of Denver.

Nearly 100 diverse signatories, from Latino outreach groups to state agriculture groups, signed the compact, which is "an effort to convene and promote a reasonable conversation on immigration in Colorado that could lead to real and lasting federal reform."

Several states, including Utah, have similar compacts in place.

While the document doesn't offer specific policy recommendations, it outlines several areas that Senator Bennet and the other signers agree need consideration. The compact makes clear that its signers think immigration should be addressed at the federal level, that immigrants contribute to the economy, and that national security is important. It also states that immigrant families should be kept together, and that immigration policies "must provide a sensible path forward for immigrants who are here without legal status, are of good character, pay taxes, and are committed to becoming fully participating members of our society and culture."

Senator Bennet said during an interview with ABC/Univision News that the compact arose following conversations he had with people across the state about the failings of the current immigration system.

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