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9 NEWS: Leaders unite for immigration reform

DENVER- It doesn't seem like politicians agree on much politically these days, but on the campus of DU Sunday afternoon, there was an exception. Politicians from across the aisle and community members from various backgrounds agreed that the immigration system in the United States isn't working. Unites States Senator Michael Bennet and former Republican Senator Hank Brown worked for the last 18 months to create The Colorado Compact. It's an effort designed to start the conversation about immigration on the state level that will eventually result in federal legislation.

Both senators say the only way to reform our immigration system is by having bipartisan support. Bennet says tackling immigration responsibly will strengthen our economy and help protect national security.

"It's a grassroots effort of people that are dealing with the consequences of our broken system of immigration everyday and who have come together in a totally nonpartisan way to say, 'in Colorado we know how to fix problems we do it every single day and the Federal government ought to do it too,'" Bennet said.

Seventy-five leaders from across Colorado have already signed on to the mission. Bennet and Brown are encouraging people from around the state to go online and show support for bipartisan reform.

"It's time for us to come together around the idea that our immigration system is broken it's time to fix it, it's a federal responsibility and it's time for Washington to do its job. What we've shown is that people of all walks of life-republicans, democrats, independents, business owners farmers and ranchers want this problem solved," Bennet said.